This F-4 drawing contains some errors, which I had found some years after publishing. One of them is the wrong contour in the middle of the fuselage.

It should be a straight line, not the curve. The wrong and the proper shape are shown on the picture (on the right). The wrong, thinner fuselage, was suggested by the photos, which were always taken at some angle. The stepping down upper wing surface makes the impression, that the fuselage is widening a little bit in the rear direction. In fact, it is not. Viewed from the top, it is just a simple, straight line.

At the end of 2007 I had an occasion to compare these planes with scale drawings made by Willy Peters (from Desing & Scale series). There are many differences: my drawing has somewhat bigger tail surfaces (both vertical and horizontal). On Willy Peters's drawings the nose is placed higher than on mine. I think that his blueprints are more correct - today it is much more easier to compare photo with the drawing. I can only say that I was much more concentrated on the small details - landing gear, rivet lines, etc. Even if overall shape of the plane has errors, you can still rely on its details.