This P-40B is my second, "exemplary" work. Its creation is described in the "Virtual Airplane" book. I use similar methods in my further models.
Creative Commons License
This P-40B is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
USAAC fighter

The model in USAAC camouflage (with large, white "Hawaiian buzz codes"), above clouds. Background photo: credits to Tomo Yun at

Download P-40B.blend file (32 MB)

This compressed Blender file was updated for Blender 2.81. All the neccessary images are packed inside.

Here you can also download a zip file with this model for Blender 2.79 (38 MB).

AVG fighter

Here is a classic "shark-mounth" P-40B, standing near an airstrip, somewhere in China...

Download file (32 MB)

It contains a single p40b.blend file, tested with Blender 2.69. All the necessary images are packed inside. Note: in Blender 2.8 switch all the color textures mode from "raw" to "sRGB" (in the Node Editor)

Here you can also download a zip file with the model for Blender 2.49 (22 MB). It contains a directory with two background pictures, and the Blender model (in Blender 2.49 background images cannot be packed into file).
It was published under so-called Blender Artistic License