Download the book: pydev-blender-en.pdf (version 2.0, size: 13 MB).

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"Programming..." it is an e-book, published freely on Creative Commons license. I am showing there how to adapt popular Open Source IDE - Eclipse - for developing Blender scripts. This is merely an introduction to this subject. I am also describing here the methods you can use to learn Blender API, in particular how to find the way of implementing in the Python script a desired Blender operation. It is intended for the readers familiar with Python and Blender 2.8 at least on the average level.

This is the second edition of this popular guide, published in July 2019. It counts 168 pages and contains about 330 pictures. (It is written around these pictures, like a "comic book"). The first edition of this book was published in July 2011. (This "version 1.0", about add-on programming in Blender 2.5, remained actual also for Blender 2.6 and 2.7). I wrote this new edition because of the significant changes introduced in Blender 2.8.

The files, attached to this publication:

This book was written with Blender 2.8 and PyDev 7.2.

Comments and updates:
  • Do not apply one of the "tricks" described on the Blender API tips and tricks page: do not place the standalone Python (i.e. downoladed from in place (folders) of the internal Python from Blender. (When you replace it, the PyDev debugger will not work properly). Always install the external Python interpreter into a different folder.
  • For Blender 2.9 and PyDev 8.0 here is an updated version of (In this newer PyDev version the original predefinition files do not load properly, thus use this version of the predefinition files if you just installed or updated in Eclipse the PyDev add-in)